How Do Fiber Experts Estimate Jobs?

Part 1

A common misconception about estimating the amount of cable necessary to build a network is that it is a difficult task.

Next time you have to estimate a cabling project, try this easy method.

  1. Record shortest length on a single floor (don’t forget rises, falls and amount needed to traverse the each telecom room).
  2. Record the longest length on a single floor.
  3. Highlight and observe the concentration of near drops versus far drops and adjust your average as a ratio.
  4. Add the adjusted near and far drops together and divide by a factor of two to obtain an average (per cable) length.
  5. Multiple the average by the number of cable drops on the floor to obtain the amount of cable needed for that floor.

FNT Instructors Recommend

On a single floor, record the shortest & longest length; Observe concentration of near versus far drops, adjust as a ratio; Add the adjusted near & far drops dividing by two to obtain an average.

Take the average & multiple by the number of cable drops needed. Do this for each floor in the building.

Be sure to add an additional 30 ft on each cable for floor to floor transition. If you are cautious against underage, add 10% for fluctuating box or reel ends and waste.

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