Broadcast Cable Deployment & Cabling the 2015 Arizona Super Bowl

Broadcast Cable Deployment & Cabling the 2015 Arizona Super Bowl

26 game Day events in the Valley of the Sun

Written by Jeff Dominique, FNT Consulting & Training

With FNT Fiber Network Tools being a proud participant of this year’s Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee Business Connect Program, we wanted to share an in-depth look at the technology behind one of the most watched annual events in the world.

Super Bowl XLIX is just around the corner and plans are underway once again to deliver this technological marvel , not just for the estimated 26 game-day events, but also for the famous week long "Experience Exhibition”  that precedes the event.

High tech HDTV broadcast fiber cable and equipment are commonly in place year-round within the stadium itself, but even the stadium will receive temporary upgrades to handle the barrage of satellite trucks, expanded camera crews, the overload of broadcast journalist and of course crowd control and security.  That’s right, even one of the most exclusive and modernized stadiums in the country needs a bit of help on the big day.

Additionally, parties, events, sound stages and vendors will surround the stadium and the Downtown Phoenix Civic Center where the Experience is scheduled to be held, with each vendor connected to a high bandwidth optical network. 

Let's not forget a complete security command center that will accommodate City, County, State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies with countless permanent and temporary security cameras to connect and monitor, as well as deployment support for SWAT teams and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) task force. 

In major events such as this, miles of temporary fiber optic and copper cable will be strung out, connected and made operational in less than a week.  That’s like the equivalent of cabling an entire high rise building overnight with the added pressure of, "getting it all right the first time” and ensuring that it works properly throughout the entire event.

When it is all over, all or most of the equipment and nearly every inch of cabling must be removed from the grounds, disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner, with the grounds returned to normal almost over-night.

FNT is up for the challenge, as we have been in years past; this being the third Super Bowl hosted by the State of Arizona. 

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