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Fiber Optic Elements

Fiber Optic Elements is FNT's newest 3 day comprehensive course. In this class you will learn the basics of connectorization, including LC installation, mechanical splicing, OSP and premise fusion splicing, optical loss testing, OTDR operations, FTTH and FTTX installations, and fanout kit installation. You will also learn the new industry standard requirements for gigabit and security video applications. Learn how to avoid costly pre-polished connector failure with a few simple techniques. FNT has loaded this course with the advanced elements that keep you, "the professional technician" on track and a cut above the rest. Don't forget to sign-up to take the ETA-FOI exam on the final day of training to earn two certifications in only three days.

This Course Covers...


Fiber Optic Design Criteria
Types of Fiber Optic Cables
Light Sources and Wavelengths
Power Budget Calculations
Gigabit/Security video application requirements


Connector Installation
Fanout Kit Installation
Cable Management Methods
Fusion Splicing
Mechanical Splicing
Mid-Span Access
OTDR Operations
FTTH and FTTX installations
Optical Loss Testing Equipment
Optical Transmitters and Receivers
Light Sources and Wavelengths

Who Should Attend?

Project Managers, Project Leads, or individuals with an understanding of the communications industry that are looking to master advanced fiber optic skills.

Remaining 2016 Elements Course Dates

Fiber Optic Elements

A comprehensive course of new fiber technologies, time saving techniques and cost effective equipment for those who already know the basics of fiber cabled systems.

September 12-14

November 14-16

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Kit Includes:

  • JIC-375 Fiber Stripping Tool
  • JIC-186 Kevlar Shears
  • SA-200SK Fiber OSP Slit/Ring Tool
  • SGC-810 Safety Glasses
  • 5876-BLK Zipper Tool Case