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Polywater FTTX Lubricant
AFL Poli-Mod
12 Fiber Fanout Kit, Multimode/Singlemode, 250um, 36in

Part # FTTX-35LR

Polywater® FTTx Fiber Lubricant makes the installation of fiber drops easy.

Now: $10.12

Part # PM-L-24-ULC-0-S

Poli-Mod Optical Module with Pigtails, 24 Fiber, Singlemode, LC/UPC Connectors

Now: $219.00

Part # KMJA65009

KMJ Category 6 jack, Universal 568A/B wiring, 50 pack, Yellow

Now: $190.00

2 or 4 Port Surface Mount Box
Cable Management Panel
12 Port LC Multimode Patch Panel

Part # SME200, SME400

2 and 4 Port Surface Mount Box, Ivory

Now: $2.19-$2.90

Part # CMP-175

Cable management panel with distribution rings, routing clips, 19" x 1.75"

Now: $29.00

Part # 12LC-FT

12-Port (24 fiber) LC Multimode Fiber Patch Panel, feed-through, 1.75" high

Now: $69.00

Ergodyn Large Locking Hook
Ergodyne Medium Locking Hook
Ergodyne Tie Hook

Part # 3540L

Large Locking Hook: Super duty, reusable locking tie hook

Now: $3.19

Part # 3540M

Medium Locking Hook: Super duty, reusable locking tie hook

Now: $2.89

Part # 3580L

Double Belt w/ Connecting Joint, Super duty, reusable belts

Now: $3.49


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3M Cable Addition Kit
Standard Splice Case
Small Splice Case

NOW $142.85

NOW $147.63

NOW $125.82




Fiber Splice Tray
Fusion Splice Insert
Fiber Splice Tray

NOW $14.19

NOW $4.71

NOW $12.52




UMJ Cat 6 Jack


24 Port Cat 6 Patch Panel

NOW $129.08

NOW $14.50

NOW $86.00-$105.00

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