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Pre-Polished Mechanical Splice Connectors

Did You Know?

Corning Unicam, AFL FAST Connectors and 3M NPC are all examples of pre-polished mechanical splice connectors. Although mechanical splices are an excellent option for fast and easy network restoration, FNT does not recommend the use of these connectors for permanent and long-term fiber installations.

If looking for a quick and easy connector installation method that provides a reliable long-term connection, FNT recommends installing splice-on connectors or fusion splicing factory certified pigtails. Fusion splicers are now available from all of the top brands for as low as $3,000. Hand polishing epoxy connectors is another reliable and cost effective method for smaller installation jobs.

Don’t have a fusion splicer or funds to purchase one?
FNT now rents fusion splicers for as low as $350!

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