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MultiLink Adjustable Sno-Shoe Cable Storage

MultiLink Adjustable Sno-Shoe Cable Storage
The Multilink Plastic Adjustable Sno-Shoe® has been designed for slack storage at 90 degree location where the pole turns a corner. The 16” (40.6cm) diameter circle design allows two half circle units to be installed on the strand. The half circle design can be adjusted to the desired coil length. The wide channel allows for the coil to be wrapped numerous times. The Plastic Adjustable Sno-Shoe® can be adjusted to a captive length of or it can be separated to a desired length without being captive. In addition, the Plastic Adjustable Sno-Shoe® still serves as a safeguard, protecting the minimum bend radius of the fiber optic cable while establishing proper installation practices. The Multilink Plastic Adjustable Sno-Shoe® is a durable and cost effective tool for storing fiber optic cable.
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