FNT Basic Connector Installation Kits

FNT Basic Connector Installation Kits
FNT has designed a new cost effective connector termination kit for the technician starting in fiber. Our basic kit includes all tools necessary to terminate SC, ST or FC connector styles. A simple add-on is available for terminating LC connectors.

Kit Includes:

• JIC-375, Fiber Optic Stripper 3mm, 900um/250um 
• JIC-186, Kevlar Shears 
• SA-200SK, Cable Ringing and Stripping Tool 
• UC-8039, Fiber Optic Crimp Tool ST/SC/FC/LC 
• CS10TT, Carbide Scribe 
• AP11, Anodized Polishing Puck ST/SC/FC 
• SAP798, Polishing Plate and Pad 
• 12FA, Flat View Adapter for 12AP9025 ST/SC/FC 
• 12AP9025, Polishing Plate and Pad 
• SGC-810, Safety Glasses 
• TW201, Fiber Optic Safety Tweezers 
• FD-2325, Fiber Disposal Container 
• TB-814, Roll-up Tool Bag

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