CSP Fiber Optic Traffic Cabinet Connectivity

CSP Fiber Shear Direct Connect Technology protects cabling infrastructure by preventing stress applied to the cable in a typical hard wired connection. CSP allows the cable to be control sheared at the base of the cabinet or structure, preventing stress on both the cable in the ground and the cable connecting to the electrical device. This innovative technology guarantees that all cabling infrastructure remains intact during an accident and enables cabinet or device restoration to take place within minutes of the equipment being reset. This Patent pending, made in the USA, innovative device was designed to eliminate patch cords, redundant maintenance and additional failure points, ultimately saving cost.

CSP Fiber Shear Technology

CSP Fiber Shear Technology is a new and improved fiber optic cabinet termination device developed specifically for Department of Transportation (DOT) traffic cabinets and roadside nodes.


Installation of CSP:

  • Eliminates the need for patch cables, replacing them with direct connect outdoor rated fiber fan-out.
  • Eliminates secondary maintenance or failure point connections in the cabinet.
  • Phases out unnecessary circuit losses.
  • Reduces overall loss by as much as half a dB.
  • Guarantees a stress-free break-away in the event of a traffic incident.
  • Ensures rapid restoration with a single fixed and pre-configured emergency splice chamber.
  • Offers easy installation with multiple mounting options. (pad mount or cabinet wall mount)
  • Provides ordering options in 50 foot increments of 2 fiber, 4 fiber, 6 fiber or 12 fiber drop cable configurations.
  • Allows for pre-installed drop cables for splicing the interconnect in the CSP splice chamber.
  • Allows for mid-span access module to convert existing cabinets without disabling the fiber circuit.  
  • Satisfies Country of Origin requirements with 100% of the device made in the USA with recyclable components.
  • Reduces warehouse inventory with the all-in-one delivery package reducing space.
  • Includes all hardware for complete installation.

CSP Demonstration and Installation Video:


Product Comparison:

 Product comparison for 12 count fiber
 CSP Fiber Shear
 45 termination bar
w/drop cable

 Cross-Connect box w/
drop cable interface

Requires remote slack cable storage
 No  Yes Yes
 Requires patch cables
 No  Yes  Yes
 Protects drop cable during accident
 Yes  No  No
 Protects cabinet cabling during accident
 Yes  No  No
 Rapid restoration after an accident
 Yes  No  No
 Splicing required for restoration
 Yes  Yes  Yes
 Equipped with self contained splice chamber
 Yes  No  No
 Water and dust proof connection
 Yes  No  No
 Manufactured in the USA
 Yes No


CSP Fiber Shear body material: 


IEC Standard:

IP676 Equivalent Rating

CSP module coupling retainer screws:

#8 Zinc Plated Machine Screws

CSP cabinet channel mounting screws:

1/4-20 threaded Electro-galvanized steel, Unistrut Model P6013-1420, with 1/2 inch extended 1/4-20 machine screws

CSP pad mount:

Steel red head drop in anchors


G.652.D glass, in tight buffered I/O jacketed configuration 

 Fan-out:  4.5' I/O fans out to (X) of 36" long 3.0 mm outdoor rated fibers. Total of 7.5' of interconnect cable inside the cabinet
 Fan-out Cable Type:  Outdoor Rated Hazardous Duty Cable Tight Buffered, 1 SM-BIF, 3.0mm, Yellow Polyurethane Jacket

Termination Type:

Factory certified UPC Standards compliant polish specification with less than 0.03 dB per connection at 1310 nm

CSP Fiber Shear Standard Options:

CSP Configuration Options:
CSP1 = CSP with drop cable and 3.0 mm Outdoor Rated breakout equipment interface cable (no cabinet splice required)
CSP2 = CSP with cabinet direct to equipment 3.0 mm Outdoor Rated interface cable (no drop cable provided - splice required in CSP module and at backbone cable end)
CSP3 = CSP blank module (for mid-span access of existing drop cable)
Fiber Type:
Outdoor Rated Singlemode = SM9 Standard SM
Outdoor rated Drop Cable length (ft):
Increments of 50 up to 600
Number of Connectors:
Up to 12 (customer specifies)
Fiber Interface Connector Type:
ST, SC, or LC
Mount Configuration:
Cabinet Wall Mount Configuration (WM) or Concrete Pad or Pedestal Mount Configuration (PM)
Ordering: With many different CSP configurations, FNT has simplified the ordering process offering a few options to assist you in developing your custom product.

Procurement can:
  • Contact FNT by phone at 866-818-8050 and your custom part number will be developed for you based off your selections.
  • Request FNT's digital order form with drop-down selections to develop your customized CSP part number.
Other available options based on customer specified configuration

Emergency Restoration Kit:

Emergency Restore Kit Connectors: 

Mechanical splice blocks

CSP Emergency Restoration Kit Includes: 

  • Cabinet mount storage pouch
  • 3 stage fiber stripper
  • 10 pre-moistened cleaning pads
  • Precision bare fiber cleaver
  • 6 pack, AFL emergency mechanical splices
  • AFL splice holder tool
  • Laminated emergency restoration instructions


How to Eliminate Patch Cords in Your Traffic Cabinets

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