CSP Power - Controlled Shear Power Connector

CSP Power - Controlled Shear Power Connector

The CSP Power Module was designed to meet the intent of Traffic Incident Management (TIM), studies for mitigating the effects of primary incidents involving traffic cabinets.

Two primary concerns of those studies are:

  • Incident duration and

  • Having the ability to accurately predict incident duration

CSP Technology lessens the effects of the primary incident by:

  1. Protecting the inter-cabinet wiring structure

  2. Protecting all feeder power cable infrastructures

  3. Creating an easy plug and play, polarity protected, reconnection process that takes just minutes

  4. The top cabinet interface of the CSI module can be purchased separately. This enables storage yard cabinets of like wiring schemes to be pre-configured for plug and play in the event of destruction of the field cabinet during an incident.

    CSP Technology can be used to protect any power supply . Electrical intrinsic safety is provided during trip mode by isolating bare conductors from direct exposure.

    CSP Power Circuit Protection:

    CSP power circuit shear point offers infrastructure protection and quick restoration of signal traffic power supply with polarity protection.

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