CSP Controlled Shear

Controlled Shear Point (CSP)

Controlled Shear Point (CSP) is an FNT manufactured product line that protects cabling infrastructure by preventing stress applied to the cable in a typical hard wired connection. With the cable being control sheared at the base of the cabinet or structure, it prevents stress on both the cable in the ground and cable connecting to electrical devices within the cabinet or other user device.

How It Works

The Power Shear CSP is designed with the socket side of the connection facing the direction of the incoming power from the utility breaker. When a trip occurs from the movement of a cabinet or device, the top portion of the CSP which holds the plugs or prongs, disengages from the CSP base. This cuts off the power to the device and isolates potential live power within the protected confines of the base.

This innovative technology ensures that all cabling infrastructure is maintained intact during an accident. CSP, for both power and control cabling, enables cabinet or device restoration to take place within minutes of the equipment being re-set.

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