CSP Control - Controlled Shear Connector

CSP Control - Controlled Shear Connector

The Patent Pending (Made in the USA) CSP Control Signal Shear Point Module was designed to meet the intent of Traffic Incident Management (TIM) studies for mitigating the effects of primary incidents involving traffic cabinets.

Primary concerns of those studies are:

  • Incident duration

  • Accurately predict incident duration

  • Rapid restoration of communication circuits

  • Minimizing secondary collisions to improve safety of motorists, crash victims, and emergency responders

With CSP’s plug and play technology, the device is able to  restore traffic flow safely and quickly.


CSP Fiber Shear Body Material:

Type 1 High Density PVC

IEC Standard:

IP676 Rating


Circular Pin and Socket with size 12 AWG 0.001 OHM resistance value

Connection Method:

Solder Cup (Field wire or factory pre-wired pigtails to customer specified wire size)

Trip Wire Attachment:

Zinc plated steel

Compression Spring:

Heat tempered steel

O-ring Material:

Butyl rubber

Spring Retainer Clips:

Heat tempered bar steel

Back Plate Retainer Screws:

Zinc plated steel

Concrete Expansion Anchors:

Zinc plated steel

Egress Wire Sealant:

475°F GE RTV Red High Temperature Silicone

Trip Wire:

300 PSI braided stainless steel (attaches to any cabinet structural member)


 ASTM D-149, Dielectric Strength 350-500
ASTM D-150, Dielectric Constant 3.0-3.8
ASTM D-257, Volume Resistivity (OHM-CM) @ 73°F >1016
ASTM D-495, Arc Resistance 60-80
UL 94, Flammability Rating V-O (Cell Class 12454-B)
Water Proof Seal Test: 24” Full Submersion Test:  Compressed Butyl O-Rings
Shear Point Test:  50 to 75 PSI from any direction

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