All MicroCare Fiber Optic Cleaning Products

All MicroCare Fiber Optic Cleaning Products
MicroCare fiber cleaning sticks are designed to quickly clean connector endfaces and bulkheads. These sticks feature a molded tip designed specifically for cleaning fiber connectors. Can be used individually or with the MCC-POC03M fiber optic cleaning solvent. When used with the MCC-POC03M, cleaning fluid is directly injected through the cleaning sticks to provide exceptional performance.

Sticklers MCC-POC03M optical-grade liquid easily removes fingerprints, oils, dust, lint and surface films.Unlike traditional cleaning fluids, it dries very quickly, so it is less likely to become trapped in the expansion slit of the alignment sleeve and weep back across the connector end-face. When used as a "wet-dry" cleaner, the Connector Cleaner dissipates the static that "locks" particulate on to end-faces, so it easily removes particulate, dust and lint. More importantly, the dissipative property assures that a static charge will not be left on the connector which can re-attract airborne particulate. The Cleaner is safe on single-mode and multi-mode fiber as well as plastic optical fiber, connectors, plastic, glass, ceramics, metals, adhesives, epoxies and most optical coatings. Each canister features the orange Triton™ dispensing cap, so techs are able to spray the liquid, or dampen a cleaning stick, or wet a wipe, all from one easy-to-use, spill-proof package. Each can holds enough liquid for over 400 applications.

MicroCare's Fiber Care Fiber Wipes are specifically designed for use by the Fiber Optic Industry. These lint free wipes are made of a hydro-entangled polyester material, that is stronger, softer and more absorbent than traditional "cellulose wipes". These wipes are sized perfectly for cleaning fibers after stripping prior to termination or fusion splicing or for cleaning connector end-faces after polishing.
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